Sunday, July 22, 2012

And baby makes three

God is so faithful! Those four words keep going through our head. I wanted to share our journey this month before we found out we were pregnant. I had a breakdown a couple of Saturdays ago. I told Chris I was done. My tank has ran out of gas and I was ready to quit. He told me that there is no quitting and God's word does not return void. The next day in the car I had a little one on one time with God. I told him that I surrender my right to have children. I reminded myself that children are a blessing and a reward. I rearranged my priorities to focus on our marriage. Then...
Last week I had to run to the store to get a few things for our camping trip. I walked past the pregnancy tests and I turned around and grabbed one. My first thought was "Laura, you have taken twenty of those things and they all turn negative". I threw it in the cart and proceeded to get the rest of my items. 
I got home and took the test quickly and start packing for our trip. I glanced up at the test and saw a faint pink line. I thought I was making the line appear. After a year of trying to get pregnant you would think I would have a creative way to tell Chris. Oh... No. I call Chris and I told him that we might be pregnant and to not get his hopes up. He was so shocked but we both wanted to stay vigilant. So I take another and the same line pops up. So it's official! 
Part of me wanted to wait to share the news, but we wanted to shout it from the mountain tops to share how faithful my God is to bring this miracle into our lives. Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement!! It still has not set in that I  am pregnant. In the morning I wake up and giggle and tell myself I am pregnant. It has been so fun for Chris and I to dream about our future with this little one :) The ride of our lives is beginning and ready or not here comes baby

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